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Ethnic Cottage is an exciting new line of all-natural Asian cooking sauces introduced by IAM International, Inc. It is the company’s latest addition to its existing unique and exciting range of products. IAM products having been in the market since 1992, aims to delight the customers by developing better ways to innovate

exciting products and one such effort is Ethnic Cottage. The product offerings under Ethnic Cottage include exotic simmering Cooking / Grilling Sauces and Sugar-free Fruit Spread crafted in the authentic Asian tradition, with no Trans fat, no Preservatives. It is tailor-made to suit the changing lifestyle of today.  Simply buy the product and add your choice of meat and/or vegetables to create your own gourmet dish with authentic taste in just minutes. Not only does Ethnic Cottage saves your time but also provides you a healthier option lower in both sodium and calories. Moreover it’s useful for both novices who are learning and kitchen veterans who do not have time for traditional cooking.
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