Ethnic Cottage

Chicken Korma

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Rated :

An unsweetened, healthier version of popular North Indian Vegetarian Main Dish with thick creamy gravy and Roasted Almond flavor

Estimated Times: Cooking Time 15-20 minutes Servings : 10 to 12

Ingredients :
3-3.5 lb boneless cut up chicken 1 jar Ethnic Cottage Delhi Korma Cooking Sauce 1 tbsp of vegetable oil 2 tablespoon finally chopped fresh Cilantro leaves (Optional)

Cooking Directions :
Heat oil in a non sticky cooking pan. Brown chicken (4-5 minutes) or till cooked. Add the Ethnic Cottage Delhi Korma Cooking Sauce and one jar of water (15 oz) and cook for 10-15 minutes with occasional stirring or till the chicken is fully cooked. Transfer to a serving dish. Serve with warm Basmati rice or naan.

Variations :
Substitute chicken with vegetables or Paneer (Indian Cheese) pieces for a vegetarian version.